June 2017


The smaller spinner loses gems equal to the score difference between you and the bigger spinner when you collide. You can return 1/2 of the damage taken by boosting.
The movement speed is the same for all spinners independent of score.
All gems are worth 1 score even though they are different sizes.

How to Play

Steer your spinner with the mouse and boost by pressing space or pressing your mouse button.
You get 2x speed and you lose gems while boosting. You lose more gems while boosting the higher score you have. When you collide with another spinner you will get knocked back with a force scale with the difference between your score and the score of the other spinner. Strategy

Start by collecting gems and avoid colliding with bigger spinners. It is a good idea to use boost to get away from larger spinners when you are small. Use boost to knock other smaller players when you grow larger.

How to take down bigger spinners

Taking down bigger spinners requires teamwork from the smaller spinners. Since you return 1/2 of the damage that you took when colliding with bigger spinners if you are boosting, you shall boost at the moment of impact and then try to gather the gems that the bigger spinner lost.
Don't boost while there are no other players around since you will lose more gems than you gather in most cases.